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Monday, December 04, 2006

Rumors and the Advance

Over the weekend I attended the Advance at the Homestead. It was interesting to see so many people and sponsors turn out for it after the loss this year; but its also good to see everyone still staying involved.
I like the Advance b/c I get to catch up with people I haven't seen for awhile and also just talk to everyone to see whats going on.

At the State Central Mtg, the 10th District convention appeal was defeated but the appeal for the 3rd CD was "upheld" and it appears Mike Wade will be the new district chair there. Ed Gillespie was elected RPV Chair and he was seen most everywhere throughout the advance. I think he did do a good job of trying to meet everyone.
As expected, Bolling and McDonnell both had suites and were pressing the flesh to gather support for '09 (indirectly of course).
I was unfortunately unable to join the blogger meeting with McDonnell, as I was attending the 2007 Preview. I heard it was a success. Also, I was glad to hear Chairman Gillespie voice his support and understanding for the importance of bloggers when I and others spoke with him throughout the Advance. I think he will be very favorable to us in the future.

The biggest story I think was the support of many for a George Allen comeback in 2009. While I admit most of these people are older and who have been involved since his 93 run; it gives creedence to the arguement that he could make a strong showing within the party if he choose to run for governor again. I can't count how many people were saying they hope he runs again in '09, so we will see what he decides.

As to the rumors, I have heard that Scott Lingamfelter is going to challenge John Chichester. That was somewhat reinforced by the fact Lingamfelter had a suite. I did not get to talk to him about this, so it is still a rumor.

Jim Gilmore, who had a suite, when asked what he is running for replied that he "could run for senate in 08, governor in 09 or president in 08". From my discussions with him, it sounds like a run for the White House is very likely.

Other than that there was little info to report. Everyone seemed to have a good time and were positive about the future.


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