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Friday, May 04, 2007

27th Update

The saga in the Mark Tate campaign finance disclosures has hit the Northern Virginia Daily today. Most all the info is pretty repetitive from whats been in the blogs; but two major statements in the article are of interest:

"This type of error calls into question all record keeping," Radtke, VCAP's political director, wrote on the blog. "Tate has either misrepresented the amount received or the number of donors is falsely reported. In either case, he has not properly disclosed donor information"...
But records maintained by the Virginia State Board of Elections don't bear out that complaint. Tate didn't file the form, but wasn't required to, according to other documents filed by the campaign, because there were no donors to identify for the six-month period in question.

Holtzman Vogel said no one from her campaign is involved with the attack on Tate in any way. "That's just ridiculous," she said. Tate's campaign finance problems have been public knowledge for some time, but "you don't hear me talking about it, ever"...
However, the VCAP post is identical to opposition research given to reporters by Holtzman Vogel supporters in recent months.

This could be a key element in this situation if in fact this information does not lead to any charges to be filed. Now Jill is on record saying she was not behind this, but this newspaper is already disputing her statement.

In light of this situation; I have heard a few Holtzman-Vogel endorsers may now withdraw their endorsements (although I have not confirmed any yet).

This story is far from over folks.


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