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Monday, June 04, 2007

24th Update

As you all have probably seen, Del. Steve Landes and Congressman Bob Goodlatte have now publicly thrown their support behind Sen. Hanger in the 24th district GOP primary. While many would argue neither of these are huge surprises (Landes was Hanger's LA back in the day, while Emmett's daughter is Goodlatte's Chief of Staff), they still carry a good bit of weight; and add to the list of elected officials supporting Hanger. I have even seen some arguements that Hanger's polling must be strong in order for these guys to come out behind Emmett (of course, the exact opposite could be just as easily be argued as well).

Whats more, is now a new pro-Hanger blog has been launch called Teddy's Truth. "Teddy Roosevelt" has made some interesting accusations and pointed out some interesting developments that could indicate a trend in this race. He says that one of the 24th's GOP chairs who endorsed Sayre, runs a blog but all the anti-Hanger posts have now been taken down.

I will have more on this race, specifically how the blogosphere plays a role, when we get a little closer to June 12.


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