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Friday, June 01, 2007

Henrico GOP Primary Effects

An interesting dynamic is developing in the Richmond suburbs right now. As you all know, there is a Senate primary in the 12th which makes up part of Henrico and Goochland counties. There is also a GOP primary for the 72nd district being vacated by Del. Jack Reid.

Intially it appeared James Massie III would sweep into the seat with no opposition. Instead, two more candidates have entered the fray. An article on the race from the RTD is here.

The 2 other candidates are James Wheat III, the Wheat First securities dealers family member; and Bill Subramaniam, an Indian immigrant and successful neurologist.

Wheat is being accused of essentially being a democrat trying to get a GOP nomination, since he endorsed Tim Kaine in 2005. That would be a possibility since the seat is pretty heavily GOP.

Subramanian is not getting much attention right now, but would probably be considered a non-establishment candidate, who just wants to see change in the party. He also has an interesting radio ad out about him being an immigrant who achieved the American Dream, just like the settlers at Jamestown.

At any rate, Massie is part of the Marcus & Allen machine. That being the case, he most likely was already going to been the benefactor of getting all the Joe Blackburn votes coming to him in this primary.

From what I see, most all the votes that Wheat and Subramanian bring to the polls will likely be voting for Stosch. While I still think Massie has the nomination in the bag, these other candidates could prove to be spoiler for Backburn if Stosch ends up winning by a small margin.

Of course, if the race is a blowout on either side; this won't have an effect.


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