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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

22nd Primary Finances

Unlike the race in the 24th; the 22nd is seen by most as a longshot of an upset. Brandon Bell is favored, and the financial reports explain that.

Brandon Bell: $253,199 ($54,706 this period)
Ralph Smith: $59,518 ($10,097 this period)

Cash on Hand:
Brandon Bell: $38,033
Ralph Smith: $14,397

Bell commands a 4-1 spending advantage, because Smith has never gotten much traction here. Also, almost half of Smith's funds are from his personal donations and mayoral campaign account.

I think this would be the biggest upset in Virginia State Senate history if Smith were to knock off an incumbent in a primary being outspent 4-1. I don't think that upset is gonna happen.

Stosch-Blackburn financials will looked at later tonight or tomorrow.

UPDATE: Bell has received an additional $25,800 in donations since the filing. Looks like a potential for a big ad blitz or something like that in the next few days in the Roanoke area.


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