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Monday, July 09, 2007

Bolling for Senate?

I am sure all of you have read the LG's statement on immigration today, but in case you haven't; it can be found here.

Anyway, the most interesting part of the whole article was the last paragraph:
"I understand that illegal immigration is complex, but it is not as complex as the politicians in Washington want to make it appear. We support legal immigration. We oppose illegal immigration. And if they cannot understand that, we need some new leaders in Washington."

As most of you know, George Allen will likely run for governor in 2009. Due to Bolling's close friendship with him, it is likely that Bill would choose not to challenge Allen in a race like that. Whats more, he probably doesn't want to set in the LG's seat for another 4 years either.

I have started to wonder if he would try and get the GOP nod for the Senate race in 2008 if John Warner retires; to counter Tom Davis and run as the conservative in the race. Based on this most recent editorial, I'd say its a decent chance of that happening.

I am not saying he will definitely do it, but it appears he may be laying the groundwork in case he decides to move forward.


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