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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Finance Reports in the 12th

The race in the 12th is unbelievable. The amount of money being spent in this race is just staggering. The reports look like this...

Walter Stosch: $1,007,122 ($254,873 this period)
Joe Blackburn: $241, 595 ($91,376 this period)

Cash on Hand:
Walter Stosch: $307,570
Joe Blackburn: $85,589

Stosch has more cash on hand than Blackburn has raised. I wouldn't think Stosch will finish spending all the money, he has already spent almost a million bux, so its hard to say.

As to my prediction, I can't imagine the scale of the upset this would cause if Blackburn were to win. When was the last time an incumbent was defeated when outspending their opponent 4-1; especially when that 4-1 is a million dollars?


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