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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Primary Fallout

Due to some upsets and the results of the GOP primaries, we should take a look at where some of the races stand now that we know who the candidates are.

Stosch is unopposed, so he will win in a strongly Republican district.

Quayle has opposition, but he will be much stronger than Ramsey would have been. He should win this seat without too much problem.

Hanger will likely win, since its a strongly GOP district; and the libertarian I assume is pro-choice (which is pretty much the kiss of death in western Va).

Holtzman-Vogel should do well in the 27th, since the district is pretty strong GOP; but there could be a potential race if Tate's charges turn out to be false and she gets blamed for it. The dem seems to be weak here though, so she still might be ok (plus she will have massive fundraising ability).

Ralph Smith will have a race, even in a good Republican district; but ultimately he will probably win. More on this race later.

Trisha Stall is the big question mark. The 1st district is only marginally Republican, but there isn't the liability of being downticket this year. The dems appear to have a credible candidate, so there will be alot of money spent here. Stall will likely have a much tougher race than Williams would have had, but she can still win. This race has the potential to become one of the more competitive races this year.

I will do more in-depth analysis on each race as we get closer to the general election.


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